We don’t just crunch
numbers, we help
you change them!

Erskine As a Chartered Accounting firm, we are obliged to maintain high standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour. These traits are second nature to us both personally and in our dealings with clients. We take this further so that you have confidence that you are working with someone you can trust and talk to without worrying about the clock ticking. As ultimately, we get a buzz from seeing business get off the ground and grow and most importantly continue to grow. At Pola & Co we review your financials to identify areas to improve your turnover and profit margins, allowing you to focus on growing your business whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance. We achieve this by helping you become financially organized, as there’s a range of bookkeeping solutions available – manual, computer, cloud based or us doing it for you – whatever it is we ensure we get the right fit for you. All work that is engaged with Pola & Co is based on our policy of agreed upfront pricing, allowing our clients to always be aware of what they are receiving what price and most importantly when it will be completed. This takes away all the hidden nasty surprises when working with Pola & Co.

At Pola & Co our core belief is to grow your business profitability, as all clients at Pola & Co are provided with meaningful information that measures the results of your business so that it can be analysed & improved. Our belief is that “What you measure you can manage!” As the team at Pola & Co all believe that if you don’t understand what we have done, we haven’t finished our job as we want to ensure that what we have completed makes the complex simple – translate accounting/tax jargon into your language for you to understand.

So come and see one of our staff members at Pola & Co for a complimentary initial meeting to see how we can benefit you. The only cost is your time.

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